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The Pic of Etendard / Cimes du Grand Sauvage

The Pic ot the 'Etendard and  cimes "Grand Sauvage" are major mountaineering races because they
have a long approach march. The final slope of the cimes "Grand Sauvage" is quite steep and the edge
final is escalating, making the race a little stronger

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 Access from the Tourist Office 6 km : go to the col de la Croix de Fer (RD 926) and park your car at the Col.
 Overall timing 1h30 to go to the refuge,
4-5 h until peaks.
 Ascent +1500m  for the Etendard
+1300m for the Grand Sauvage.
Equipment required Material progress on glacier (rope, crampons, ice ax, harness ...), climbing shoes, casse croute, headlamp, warm jacket ...
 Level of difficultiy Difficulty :  Easy for  the Etendard / : Litlle difficult for Grand Sauvage.
 Sites Vertices are the best views ...
 IGN Map IGN map 1/25000 : 3335 ET, LE BOURG D’OISANS
 Phone Moutain rescue : 112
Weather forrecast : 3250

Description of the course : Pic of Etendard

(0) From the col de la Croix de Fer (2067 m), take the trail starting at the right side (pass side of the fence) to get to the refuge Etendard (2435 m) located on the lake Bramant (1).
Leaves the  refuge around 4am  / 5 am and  walk along the lake by the left. And go to the foot of St Sorlin glacier (2) and start the long and steady slope towards south / southeast. At the height of the Col of the Barbate (3) keep to the right between the cracks and reach the final edge.
Follow the ridge away from the edge to the top, it is often preferable to bypass the final crevasse on the left.
The return is
by the same route.

Description of the course : Cimes du Grand Sauvage

undefined (0) From the Col de la Croix de Fer (2067 m), take the path that starts on the right side to get to the shelter of the Standard (2435 m) located on Lake Bramant (1).
Leave the shelter around 4 - 5am and walk along the path by the lake on the left bank. And go to the foot of St Sorlin glacier (2) and start crossing the glacier to the foot of the corridor (4) leading to the Col du Grand Sauvage.
Replace the steep climb to join the Col du Grand Sauvage  and avoid rimayes. Go until the east ridge and climb on the wire (50m disintegrated rock).
The return is by the same route.


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- The departure from St Sorlin is possible, take the Combe de la Balme, then back to the col north lakes
(2533m), before coming until the refuge of the Standard.

- Watch the orientation of cracks on the IGN map in order to avoid them.

- Sleep at the refuge to do the race in 2 days. There will only 1100m of ascent the 2nd day.


Practicals information

Moutain guides
0033 4 79 59 74 06 - 0033 6 84 93 77 91
Information and registration at the store "les neiges Eternelles" 

- Refuge de l'Etendard (CAF):
Open in winter and summer from mid-June to mid-September: 0033 4 79 59 74 96
Guard period :
From mid-March to mid-May, June to September and the rest of the year on reservation
More information on the CAF website

BE CAREFUL ! The practice of Mountaineering requires specific techniques, appropriate equipment, and important knowledge of the environment or mentoring by a professional. The information disseminated by the Tourist Office can never be a substitute for a thorough understanding of the environment and its practices. They target independent practitioners in their progression, able to understand the specialized vocabulary to deal with the unexpected. It is important to assess external factors (weather, hazards, conditions ...), his abilities and skills before making a stroke. If in doubt call in the professionals. We encourage practitioners to attend the premises in respect of others and the environment. Although carefully collected the information we provide does not engage the responsibility of the Office of Tourism.
Any comments about this information would be welcome.
Tourist Office of St Sorlin: 0033 4 79 59 71 77


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